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It’s a brilliant time to explore the woods, as the natural world bursts into life.

Despite the weather at the moment Year 4 visit ‘Whispery Wood’ in Ysgol Coedwig (Forest School) every Friday afternoon.

On our first visit the children discovered a large nest on the ground at the side of the log cabin. We took photographs and then used the internet to find out what type of nest it was. We found out that it was made by a hedgehog and that they build their nests to hibernate.   The children have named the hedgehog ‘Pigog’ which is Welsh for spikey.  The children have also discovered frogs in water filled pots under the bushes.

During our visits the children will be looking for Mother Nature’s first clues that spring is on the way. They will be making nests and bird feeders, identifying birds, trees and plants and also learning how to tie knots.

Mr Cullen has put up three nesting boxes this term (made by the children in Year 4 last year) so fingers crossed we may have some more visitors soon.  Thankyou Mr Cullen.


Year Four’s interpretation of Mother Nature.

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