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As a school community we continue to value the opinions of all pupils, parents, staff and governors; always celebrating our success and striving for improvement.

Our vision is for this school to be a centre of excellence at the heart of the wider community; where the natural curiosity and voice of each individual is valued, nurtured and encouraged to flourish in a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment enabling everyone to develop high self esteem and to reach their full potential.

Parental Survey May 2018

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. We value the partnership we have between home and school; it is vital if children are to flourish and reach their true potential. All feedback and comments made by parents have been useful and informative. We really are proud of our school and all our children.

School Improvement

The feedback from the Parental Survey that was carried out in May 2018 was overwhelmingly positive, however as a school we continue to strive to be ‘a centre of excellence in the wider community’ and therefore continue to make school improvements. Actions being taken within school as a result of the feedback we received include:

  • SAFETY – Our school Health and Safety policy and procedures are updated regulary in consultation with Governors and the Local Authority. We welcome suggestions from parents and work together with you to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our children. Parents and carers are reminded of important health and safety procedures regularly in our School Newsletters. We ask that parents dropping off and picking up children, either at the beginning or the end of the school day, ensure that they do not pull up in the restricted area outside the school gates – this causes a great risk to our children’s safety.
  • COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE –  There are many rules and regulations to which schools and their teachers are subject. Our Complaints Procedure and Complaints Form can be downloaded from our school website ‘Online Office’. Should a parent feel that they have grounds for complaint, they should discuss it with the Headteacher, in the first instance. However, if the parent feels that they have gained no satisfactory explanation they are entitled then to bring the matter to the attention of Governors.  If satisfaction is still not achieved, then the Director of Education, in the Education Department at the Civic Centre should be contacted. The Headteacher would expect that parents would speak to the school before taking the matter further.  Hopefully the matter can be solved satisfactorily at that point.
  • TRIPS & VISITS – Our school curriculum promotes a creative, skills-based approach to learning; teachers ensure cross-curricular learning opportunities take place wherever possible. Learning through experience is an essential aspect of our curriculum and therefore we plan and deliver the curriculum to combine in-school activities and out-of-school visits, enabling the children to have access to rich learning experiences in all year groups.


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